About Us

Learn How To is the brain child of alternative education pioneer ACS Distance Education. The idea came as a response to a rapidly changing world. The world is changing, education needs to change too!

ACS was formed with the cornerstones of true learning in mind: Experience, Passion, High Quality, and Practicality.

As well as their continuing dedication to their students studying longer programs, ACS wanted to offer the busy folk of today this same quality education, but in a highly accessible form. Education at your fingertips, that would keep alive the flame of curiosity that burns in those who need to know more! And so Learn How To was born. Drawing from ACS’ enormous range of topics, and offered in a way that fits with any lifestyle.

Want to train your team? Corporate training required? We have that covered, too. We provide monthly subscriptions and can also offer special deals to larger corporations with many staff.


Our People

John Mason
John Mason Dip. Hort. Sc., Supn.Cert., Adv.Cert.Mgt., FAIH, FPLA, FCIH


Mr Mason worked as a municipal parks director, then as a lecturer in the various colleges through the 1970’s before founding ACS Distance Education in 1979.

He has throughout his career written over 150 books, been editor of 4 different magazines, served on many industry committees and developed hundreds of courses for ACS.

ACS courses have trained hundreds of thousands of students over the decades. Mr Mason and his team have a widely established reputation as innovators in education, with high standards of quality and service.

Course Developers
Hundreds of different academics have contributed to the development of the Learn How To courses; everyone having both university training and significant industry experience. Here are some of the team:

Jade Sciascia B.Sc.Biol, Dip.Prof.Ed, Cert Food Hygiene. Post Grad Dip Accounting and Finance

Dr Robert Browne B.Sc., PhD

Bob James Dip.Animal Husb, B.App.Sc., Grad.Dip.Mgt, PDC

Josiane Joubran B.Eng., Grad.Dip.I.T., Master Info.Tech., MCP, MCSE

Dr Maria L. Schmitz Fontes PhD, MSc, BA Hons

Timothy Walker B.A.(Botany), RHS.M. Hort., Post.Grad.Dip.Ed.

Marie Beermann B.Sc., M.Sc. Hort., Dip.Mgt, PDC

Tracey Jones B.Sc.(Hons), M.Soc.Sc Dip. SW, PGCE

Dr. Lynette Morgan B. Hort. Tech., Ph.D.


Contact Us

Email:   Hello@learnhowto.com.au

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